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Topic: Performance Pad
"Performance Pad" by DJ Richard

An iRemote/iPad skin to control 20 hot cues (across 4 decks) and 12 sampler slots.

Inspired by midi controllers such as the Novation Launchpad, this skin is designed to allow you to easily perform live remixing and quickly access your samples.

PerformancePad opens in Hot Cue mode. 20 hot cues per deck are available using large buttons to encourage easy live remixing. Switch between up to 4 decks using the deck selection buttons. Delete hot cues on the fly by toggling the delete button.

Sampler mode (toggled using the bottom left button) makes 12 sampler slots available, each with individual controls to Loop, "Sync" (beat match), Stop, and Record. Lock accidental recording by engaging "Lock Rec" and pick between deck 1 or 2 for recording. A volume control sets the volume for the most recently played sample*.

(*in a future version I'd like the volume control to change volume for all sample slots simultaneously but iRemote seems to struggle with this)

[Dedicated to djdad whose tireless skin creation, and technical support to me while making this skin, keeps the VDJ community enjoying rich GUI goodness!]

Forum thread there: http://www.virtualdj.com/forums/180036/VirtualDJ_Skins/New_iRemote_skin__Performance_Pad_(for_iPad).html

Posted Sun 20 Jul 14 @ 5:57 pm