Hardware Manuals

Pioneer DJ - DDJ-REV7 - Layout  


  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio and video between the left and right Channels.

  2. VOLUME. Adjust the Volume of each channel.

  3. VU METER. Indicate the Pre-Fader output level of the Left/Right Channels. The middle VU-meters indicate the overall Master Output level.

  4. SMOOTH ECHO FX. When enabled, a smooth echo audio effect will be audible when the volume of the channel or the crossfader goes to zero.
    While SHIFT button is held down press this button to toggle Sampler Effects on/off.
    Please note that "Smooth Echo" is a hardware effect and you can tweak it's settings via DDJ-REV7's on board utility menu.
    Please read the unit's user guide for further information regarding the on board utility menu and how to tweak "Smooth Echo" settings.

  5. SAMPLER VOL. Adjust the Master Output of the VirtualDJ Sampler.

  6. CUE CROSSFADER. Blends pre-fader signals from Left/Right channels to the Headphones Channel. When in left/right position, only the signal from Left/Right channel will be routed to the Headphones Channel respectively.

  7. CUE VOL. Adjust the Output Level of the Headphones Chanel.

  8. CUE MIXING. Blends audio signal in the Headphones Chanel between the Master Output (when in MIX) and the Channels depending on the CUE CROSSFADER position.