Hardware Manuals

Gemini - GMX/GMX Drive  


S. SHIFT. Hold this button down to access secondary functions of the GMX (mainly in blue lettering)

M. MODE. Use this button to select the Input Source. When lit (MIDI MODE) the unit will control VirtualDJ software or any other MIDI application. When unlit the GMX will search for the available/connected devices. Choose from Top USB Source, Rear USB Source (or CD Drive for the GMX Drive model)
Note that the sound output of VirtualDJ will be muted when switched from MIDI to USB mode.

The functionality of each button, knob and connection per section (as shown in the image above) will be explained in detail in the next chapters

A. Front Panel
B. Rear Panel
C. Deck Transport Controls
D. Tempo Controls
E. LCD Screen
F. Pads (Hotcues & Loops)
G. Browser Controls Front Side