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Topic: Decks Crashed Last Weekend, program worked, but it didnt fix itself after hours of waiting
do not know why it was deleted i been waiting all week for an answer. and there are no tickets to be created so i can talk to tech service

so last saturday i was playing music
and then 1 deck crashed the program works but you cant load a song same with the other deck
program works everything else. i left it on several hours and it did never fix itself.. i took lots of pics as its not the first weekend its happened

is my photos to my one drive.. since its too hard to upload a 100meg of videos too

adn how do you create tickets i dont even see the option anymore

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 10:29 am
DJ M.C. Pimpin wrote :
do not know why it was deleted i been waiting all week for an answer
how do you create tickets i dont even see the option anymore

Tickets are not deleted ;-) And sine you dont see option to create ticket, I guess you didnt do ?
Can create tickets here: https://www.virtualdj.com/help/ at "Contact Support"

DJ M.C. Pimpin wrote :
the program works but you cant load a song
program works everything else. left it on several hour

Little hard to tell from the pictures, but I guess you mean everything worked, but the waveform stopped to show?


Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 10:35 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Are your Tracks on some Local Hard Drive or a Cloud (OneDrive, Dropbox or some other) ?

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 10:49 am
so i looked at the help page again.
still 0 "Create Ticket" just contact support which isnt create ticket thats just regular inquires but i wrote them anyways unless they changed the format since last year thats why i didnt create a ticket couldnt find one last week.. and then i posted in the forum but the topic got deleted for some reason ... what can ya do lol

as for the the pics . etc.
yes local drive X:

as for the pics no you see from the Time in the Top Right corner
that for like 8 hours you can not load a track.. you see the different names i loaded you see the time is changing but you can not load a track.. VDJ works going to menus you can search but you can no longer play a song..
you can see i can play the song fine in windows Media Player.. you can see when you close VDJ its still running
i also mentined that the Arrow was flashing with the Blue Circle in VDJ well least in my orginal post from Sunday morning... you were able to repeat the music on the right deck waiting for Left side to come back from frozen... but didnt and when you see i changed the song in the right deck.. it also falls to to the death of the left deck
as you can see for 8 hours or so the Status of Both Decks are just loading...

so i not sure.. this isnt the first time its happened.. but its been the the first 2 times in a while the weekend before it was happening again after a few hours of playing it would constantly crash like that in 30 min maybe 5 times and its hard to get it back up unless i really rebooted the computer
and its not drawing alot of ram either..

so i not 100% sure what happened? or how to fix

and i do not know how you fix the damn Multiple copies of 1 song.. i posted in sundays comment

i got anywhere from 1-20 copies of the exact Song in the same Virtual Folder how do you stop this
1 copy i want.. is there no Virtual Folder repair plugin to fix it

i do not have 2000 songs in 1 folder i may have 50 and drives me nuts

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 12:14 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Since it seems to be analyzing some songs while searching, it still might be some damaged song.
To prevent the automatic analyzing on view you could try disabling analyzeSongsOnView, if that works that might confirm a problem with a specific song in your database.

(Your previous forum post was not deleted either btw, it's still here: https://virtualdj.com/forums/240555/x/ )

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 1:12 pm
oh weird ok ill check out my post i didnt get no notification and i couldnt find it under my postings

ill check it out thanks

as for the anyalizing is there no way to cancel it? like if its stuck in an endless loop of anaylizng? is there no like CTRL+ C to break out of the endless loop.. and is that why i cant load song in the deck becasue the Left deck got stuck in a possible endless loop and caused the right side to crash too?

is there a feature to kill the endless loop? or would that be an Feature request.. if it gets stuck press this button to Force Abort

and what does that anyalizer do?? and is there a way to scan for any damage files like is there a way to scan every file and VDJ reports this is damaged?

and ill check out the link as its not showing up for me. and i never got no notifications

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 2:34 pm
is there also a filter i could set that saves a list of damaged music , music videos

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 2:57 pm
any luck yet on that damage file question? and filter

and from what i remember what i did to cause this error
i wasnt searching a file screen i had a virtual folder loaded.. i slide up a song then i changed my mine 3 or 4 seconds after and i slide up the next song and thats when it locked up the deck tjem decls

Posted 2 days ago @ 11:10 am