Atomix Productions employee directing Hardware Integration Department.

My name is Babis Rigopoulos and live in sunny Greece with my wife and son. I studied Electrical Engineering at the EMP University of Athens. An amateur dj and i intend to keep it this way. I love music, as we all do, but its hard to find the place to play the music i like. Requests is my nightmare.

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user11686693 wrote on Mon 09 Jan 17
Hey my content unlimited for Audio isn't working and I have a new laptop so I have almost no music on it so this would be super helpful since I pay and all any tips to help?
dancingdj28 wrote on Tue 01 Nov 16
Hey djdad, I used to access the on-screen keyboard everytime I touch the search box above the browser, but now ever since all these upgrades I can't. I tried downloading the plugins for it, but that doesn't work either. Any suggestions?
BillH wrote on Thu 20 Oct 16
i hope you can help me out with this mapping pls get back to me
DJ GROOVES wrote on Thu 29 Sep 16
DJPIPA wrote on Mon 19 Sep 16
I like mapper ddj ergo +skin licencia Plus please only Pro now
scruff wrote on Fri 09 Sep 16
I'm here just to say a big thank you for all of your hard work! I very much appreciate your hard work and thr information you provide in the community.

Thanks again!
MattieDuivis wrote on Thu 18 Aug 16
Very nice Multi Touch skin but on remote (Androïd) the folders cannot be opened
MattieDuivis wrote on Thu 18 Aug 16
Very nice skin but on remote (Androïd) the folders cannot be opened
djnet71 wrote on Tue 16 Aug 16
Any new update for RMX2 skin??? is there any way to make the Browser area bigger so it will be displayed more tracks?

Thank you
JOHN187 wrote on Thu 11 Aug 16
The one you have for VDJ 7 works for VDJ 8 just not the fx nobs and pads.
JOHN187 wrote on Thu 11 Aug 16
Was wondering if you had a mapper for pioneer ddj-sx for virtual dj 8..
djradical69 wrote on Sat 30 Jul 16
please could I have a mapping for mcx8000 email to
DJ-Jodi&David wrote on Mon 25 Jul 16
I need a pic how u set it up..i thought I took one someone had on here and now I cant find it
DJ-Jodi&David wrote on Mon 25 Jul 16
how do u set up dj virtual to my new mixer serato djm s9...
mrstick wrote on Sat 23 Jul 16
can you dm me please for that pic of my sound set up