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Topic: NS7 with VDJ 8.5
Numark NS7, Macbook Pro 2020 Big Sur, VDJ 8.5. It pop up the message hardware detected Numark NS7 - select where your speakers are connected. Gives me the option for Computer and NS7 but does not allows me to click on NS7. If i select computer it opens the VDJ but the NS7 is not recognized. Do I have to use an older version of VDJ for the NS7? Do I have to downgrade the macOS to Catalina o Mojave? Please let me know. Thanks

Posted Sun 04 Apr 21 @ 9:21 pm

Posted Sun 04 Apr 21 @ 10:18 pm
Yes, that's the first thing I did to download the driver. My bad i forgot to listed on my steps. The driver is for older macOS and I have Big Sur MBP 2020.
Can you sent me a link to download the previous version of VDJ and test it. If not it means that NS7 is too old for VDJ 8.5 to recognize it

Posted Mon 05 Apr 21 @ 1:26 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
It's not about old/new version of VirtualDJ. It's about the drivers to be installed properly on your Mac OS.

Try to install the latest available Driver, even if your OS is not mentioned.
Do you get some error while installing ?

In Audio MIDI Setup (in Mac Utilities) so you see the NS7 there as sound-card ?
If so, then the NS7 sound card should be available in VirtualDJ Audio setup to manually create a Master+Headphones setup using that, even if the "special" button is missing.

If for any reason the driver cant be installed, and the sound card of the NS7 is not available in audio MIDI Setup of your Mac, your only chance is to downgrade your Mac OS (and not VirtualDJ)

Posted Mon 05 Apr 21 @ 3:31 am
No error when installing the driver. It does not appears on the Audio midi setup and it is listed under Applications folder with a grayed out restriction sign. I will go ahead and install macOS Catalina on a different partition. I already know in Mojave is working fine.

Posted Mon 05 Apr 21 @ 4:23 pm

Posted Mon 05 Apr 21 @ 4:30 pm
I installed macOS Catalina, VDJ 8.3 and Numark NS7 it worked fine. The issue is with Big Sur and the old NS7. I get the pop up message numark ns7 hardware detected but it won't allow me to select it just the computer speakers. VDJ opens but does not recognize the NS7.
The driver was installed I have disabled the blocked from mac when you installed a software from the internet.

Posted Wed 07 Apr 21 @ 4:28 pm