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Topic: seeing track list (next song) in pads
I recently got a new computer and somehow lost a function that I used to have....in my live recorded sets, when going back to them, i want to be able to see the next songs in the pad squares (and i used to see them).....i used to see a toggle (of various colors) in the full track bar, and the individual songs in the pad squares....can someone help me do that again? thank you!

Posted Mon 11 Jan 21 @ 5:39 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Do you see the names on the large waveform (Scratch wave) , and the Hotcues in the Pads ?
If so, then perhaps you need to choose the "Name" option in Hotcues Pads page->menu->Display mode
..or from VDJ Settings->OPTIONS tab, search for CueDisplay and set to Name.

Posted Tue 12 Jan 21 @ 2:05 pm