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Topic: Online music search not working correctly
madp90PRO SubscriberMember since 2011
Hi Guys,

I'm having some issues with the online music search function. My issue is that if I try to search via "Artist", it will still bring back default results, and search by "Title".

I have set search options to only use Artist, as can be seen in the picture below

However when I search, it only searches via "Titles" and stops at 101 results.

I do know that Sigma have songs on Beatport, and I can even find songs by them if I search for a specific song

Is there something I am doing wrong here? It looks like I have it set up to only search via Artist, but it does not seem to do this. It also appears search results stop at "101". Is that also normal behaviour or can this be changed?

I am on the latest VDJ version (b6101)

Posted Wed 23 Sep 20 @ 7:04 pm
Same issue here , Ver. b6106....

Posted Sun 18 Oct 20 @ 9:12 pm