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Topic: Key Tag value in vdj
Hi ,

How come i have a song where the key tag says 05B but virtual dj when i right click on the song and choose edit it reads the tag as Eb .

All other programs read the tag as 05B because this is how the tag was written to the file .

If i modify and tag in that song vdj will now write that field tag as Eb which is wrong . We should have the choice to how the tag is written and and how it's read.

I know we have the option on how to see it in the browser but we should see it has harmonic in the actual tag if we choose to see it that way .

Posted Wed 16 Sep 20 @ 4:40 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
05B and Eb are the same value but displayed differently

EDIT : Ah OK i see now, it's the display in Tag Editor that is always the same.

Posted Wed 16 Sep 20 @ 8:23 pm