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Topic: Reloop RMX 60 and Numark Ndx 500
Staas_KHome userMember since 2018
Hey guys,I have the Numark Ndx 500 Cd players, and I want to buy the reloop rmx 60 mixer.. So my question is that if I only have to plug the USB of the reloop, use its soundcard, then just change in the audio section the decks 1 and 3 into Ndx 500 and I should be able to control the Vdj with it? Or there is something else?

Posted Mon 29 Jun 20 @ 11:16 pm

Posted Tue 30 Jun 20 @ 12:36 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Even though the Reloop RMX60 doesnt offer MIDI or a USB Audio Interface, the NDX 500 have built-in sound card, so you could use this setup with VDJ without need of any other gear.
Here is how you need to setup ..

Now the only "issue" with this setup is that you cant control the internal VDJ mixer, meaning that the mixing is done by the Reloop mixer and it's applying its own Volume, Gain and EQ, so you wont be able to to use the new Stems EQ of VirtualDJ.

No DVS with the Reloop 60- in case you were interested.

And of course, you will need a Pro license too.

Posted Tue 30 Jun 20 @ 1:31 pm