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Topic: VDJ 2020 - Video quality problem - Page: 1
Good day for all!!!

I was testing the newest VDJ 2020 performance. I works very well, but I have noticed that the quality of video is much worse than previous versions. The VDJ 8.2.3523 version I think has the best video quality, and the 2018 versions had little less video quality (spetially with the SD videos), but works very well. But the 2020 (5308) version, I have noticed 2 details:
1) With the SD videos (720x480 / 720x576 / 640x480), I watch a bit more pixelage than normal (I have my SD videos extract from DVD, or MPEG2 -vob- or MP4 h264 best quality posible renders).
2) With the HD videos (up to 1080), I watch a lot of motion blur.
I test the version with my laptop (i7 4510-U, Intel 4400 HD + Radeon R270M, 12 Gb Ram DDR3) and with my desktop PC (i7 4790k, nVidia RTX 2060, 16GB Ram DDR3), and i have the same problem. I set all the video quality options to the top, and the problem stays there.

If some of you have watched the same problem, or if you don't have (or percieve) any problem with the video quality, please tell me. At this moment, I'm continue using a 2018 version for give a nice quality video sessions. I use a DDJ-SX3, and an old VDJ 8 version doesn't work with it.

PD: If some of you made a better (or corrected) DDJ-SX3 mapper than VDJ default, please upload (if is posible) to the downloads section.

Posted Thu 26 Sep 19 @ 9:21 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005

Posted Thu 26 Sep 19 @ 4:11 pm
Correct. I test both versions (32 & 64), and the problem is with 64 bits version, with the 32 bits version the video quality is good.

Posted Sun 29 Sep 19 @ 6:48 am
Yes. I have the problem with the 64 bits version.

Posted Sun 29 Sep 19 @ 6:51 am
Yes.. I have just downloaded the 64bit version. I have replicated the video settings for the NVidia panel (both 32bit and 64bit versions of Virtual DJ) -- I have added some attachments so you can see the issue... The settings in VirtualDJ for Video are for both versions to use the NVidia card.



Posted Sun 29 Sep 19 @ 7:13 am
Hello. I have the same problem with the 64bit version. Has a very low quality video compared to 8.3
Anyone with a solution please advise

Posted Tue 08 Oct 19 @ 4:04 pm
Screen grabs from a Standard Definition Music Video (same file in both 32bit and 64bit versions) - look at the diagonals (chin area of faces etc...), the 64bit version appears to be worse... any ideas why? Could it be a sharpening option???

64BIT running a standard definition music video

32BIT running the same standard definition music video

Posted Wed 09 Oct 19 @ 11:57 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
what resolution is this video exactly?

Posted Wed 09 Oct 19 @ 12:13 pm
My system:
Lenovo G50-70
Core I5 processor
Windows 10
6 GB Ram
64 bit OS
X64 based processor
VDJ version 8.4.5308.0
My problems:
Tag Editor- does not display field names or data
Cue button displays as _ue
Sync button displays as_nc
This occurs in the Pro Screen and Performance Screen

Posted Wed 09 Oct 19 @ 6:07 pm
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
Any update about this possible issue? Using VDJ 2020 since a few days I can't find major differences in my PC monitor, but I'm afraid working with the projector and a big screen would be noticeable. Cheers

Posted Thu 10 Oct 19 @ 9:29 pm
At this moment, I recommend to work with any previous version you have in your computer, or, if you wanna work with the 2020, use the 32 bits version: in my case, I work with a 2018 version. I made some tests with both versions, and is the best option I could give. The 64 bits version has many bugs right now.
If you have another computer in your house, o a virtual machine installed in your PC/MAC, or in your current system (preventing any problem you could have), try to make all the test you can with both versions (32 and 64 bits) to look any fail that isn't present in previous versions, and write a post with the problem to give the news to all of us for to stay informed.

Posted Fri 11 Oct 19 @ 6:02 am
Not necessarily related to smoothness issue, but you should notice in the above images (video display area) that in the 32 bit version the colors are washed out while in the 64 bit version the colors are more vibrant. This appears to be due to 32 bit version using reduced color range for YUV decoding which is not good either. 64 bit version appears to be using the full color range for YUV decoding.

Here's an image that shows the difference more clearly. In the reduced color range you can see gray when it should be black.

Posted Fri 11 Oct 19 @ 3:49 pm
My virtual dj 2020 doesn't show videos why

Posted Sun 03 Nov 19 @ 9:34 am
Experiencing the same. The depth has improves (ref. Don Moir, it considers the full range), but the interpolation/resampling seem to have changed from bicubic to bilinear?

Posted Sun 03 Nov 19 @ 9:28 pm
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
Can you also test again with the "videoMicroFrames" option sets to "Never", not to impact the screenshot?

Posted Mon 04 Nov 19 @ 9:28 pm
Nab73LE userMember since 2014
Serumatic pro ug wrote :
My virtual dj 2020 doesn't show videos why

Same issue

Posted Tue 03 Dec 19 @ 5:29 pm
If you mean in the browser you have probably set it to only show audio. There is a dot left side of browser click that and enable video.

Posted Tue 03 Dec 19 @ 5:41 pm
Glad I read this post as I have noticed the difference in video quality, thought it was a setting on my laptop.

Video output looks poor on the big screen, with new version.

Posted Thu 23 Jan 20 @ 8:26 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Are you using the latest update?
The problem with the windows 64-bit version was fixed in the current public release.

Posted Thu 23 Jan 20 @ 8:32 pm
I feel I'm still having problems with the video in Virtual DJ 2020. Can someone tell me the best settings? I'm using an alienware 17 R4 i7 6700HQ 16 gig memory 500gig Samsung M.2 860 EVO SSD Nvidia GTX 1070. More than enough to DJ with but since upgrading to 2020 the video is horrible. even my low quality videos were better on vdj 8.

Posted Sat 07 Mar 20 @ 5:53 pm
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