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Topic: debating on subscribing to the video
I have problems finding newer videos is it because I don't have the subscription or are they just not available some one please help me wanting to join but not if newer videos are not available

Posted Sun 17 Mar 19 @ 11:14 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
I tried a few recent videos, and found them all with VDJ (VJ Pro under Online Music) folder focused when i searched for them. You will need a Video subscription to play the results fully, but even without it, you should get at least the results.
Can you provide a few tracks you have searched for ?

Posted Mon 18 Mar 19 @ 6:53 pm
That $50 bucks a month is better off being used on a record pool where you actually get to download the videos and keep them.

Once you stop using VDJ or end the subscription the videos are no longer playable which sucks in my opinion but that is the nature of the beast.....

Posted Thu 21 Mar 19 @ 11:58 pm