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Topic: VDJ 2018 Syphon???
Good Evening,

I'm about to pay the $299 for pro license, however before I do I'm hoping one of the forum members could answer a question. Does VDJ 2018 have a plug-in for a Syphon Server? I was able to find an older plug-in for VDJ8 (syphonserver8 by SBDJ), has anyone tried that one to see if it works in VDJ2018?.......thank you in advance for any help you have........Shawn

Posted Mon 21 Jan 19 @ 12:56 am
VDJ 2018 is still VDJ 8 under the hood (version 8.3). They just gave it a new name.

Therefore the plugin should work just fine.

Posted Mon 21 Jan 19 @ 5:37 pm
Syphon does work with VDJ2018, I use it all the time.

Posted Mon 21 Jan 19 @ 7:03 pm