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Topic: loop changed, virtual dj not reading script
i have no ide what just happened , my loop went from 2,4,8 to , 2,4,7.. the volume sliders were set so that slider one had this set up sampler_volume 1 & sampler_volume 9 & sampler_volume 17 & sampler_volume 25 & sampler_volume 33.

now its controlling all three butons 1 ,2,3
not 1 .9.17,25 .. any help would be great..

Posted Tue 09 Oct 18 @ 12:21 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
For loop, how are you double the size of the loop ? Which key/knob/button are you using, from which controller ? Any custom definition/mapping ? More info please.

For sampler Volumes, sampler_volume X will adjust the volume of sample X, but also the volumes of all samples that belong to the same Sampler Group. either you need to ungroup those samples, or use sampler_volume_nogroup X actions.

Posted Wed 10 Oct 18 @ 4:13 am
thanks for the help.. it was a strange glitch . I restarted the computer after the last update for virtual and it works fine now..Thanks again..

Posted Fri 12 Oct 18 @ 4:51 pm