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Topic: Browser Button Mapping Mystery
I am remapping a Reloop Terminal Mix 4 and wanted to use a scripting for the Browser Button which is on the Numark DJ2GO2:
holding ? browser_window 'folders' ? browser_folder : browser_window 'songs' : browser_window 'folders' ? browser_enter : browser_window 'folders'

However this scripting seems to be functioning rather differently on the two controllers - specifically on the Terminal Mix 4 'holding' the Browse button does not trigger 'browser_folder' in the normal way. If an open folder (with subfolders) is selected in the 'folders window' it is not closed as it should with 'browser_folder' (and it does with the DJ2GO2).... it only seems to work if you go up a level.

To give an example say using the 'Music' folder with an 'Acapellas' subfolder and a '80s' subfolder open..... the '80s' subfolder can only be closed by selecting the 'Acapellas' folder and then 'holding' the Browse button...

Is the Terminal Mix 4 Browse Button sending out some kind of different midi signal?

Thanks for any help....

Posted 6 days ago @ 10:14 am
danceitation wrote :

To give an example say using the 'Music' folder with an 'Acapellas' subfolder and a '80s' subfolder open..... the '80s' subfolder can only be closed by selecting the 'Acapellas' folder and then 'holding' the Browse button...

Actually that's the expected behavior.

You "highlight" a folder and use browser_folder to expand/collapse it's subfolders. You don't collapse a folder by using browser_folder on it's subfolders...

Posted 6 days ago @ 10:41 am
Hi Phantom,

Thanks for the response. I obviously didn't explain very well! :-) Because the same syntax is definitely behaving differently on the different controllers!

Using the same (hypothetical!) example:
'Music' folder with:
'Accapellas' Subfolder open showing:
"70's"; "80's"; "90's" subfolders:
With "80's" Subfolder open showing:
"Balads"; "Rock"; "Country" sub-subfolders.....

On the Reloop, in order to collapse the "80's" subfolder and hide "Balads"; "Rock" etc..... I am having to highlight the "Accapellas" folder..... which I don't think is normal?

There also seem to be some other slightly odd behaviour: if a folder is collapsed and contains both subfolders and tracks in it, on the reloop holding the browser button does not expand the folder but jumps to the 'song' window, whereas in the original DJ2GO2 mapping it will expand the folder to reveal the sub-folders as I would expect with the 'Browser_folder' command.

Posted 6 days ago @ 11:23 am
Just done a bit more testing by swapping round the 'browser_folder' and 'browser_enter' functions.....

'Browser_folder' now works as expected... but 'Browser_enter' doesn't work.... so it would seem to be something to do with the 'holding ?' command...

Further tested it by mapping the syntax to another button..... which worked perfectly so it seems to be something to do with how particularly the browser-button responds to the 'holding ?' command on this controller....

Any ideas?

Posted 6 days ago @ 11:35 am
Your original script is:
holding ? browser_window 'folders' ? browser_folder : browser_window 'songs' : browser_window 'folders' ? browser_enter : browser_window 'folders'

This script has a few logic flaws if I understand correctly what you're trying to do:

Case 1: Holding the button:
If focus is on Folders, Expand/Collapse the subfolders
Else (focus is anywhere else) switch focus to Songs. <-- Why to songs ?
If focus is on sideview then holding the button one time will switch the focus to songs. Then, all concurrent holding presses won't execute any code.

Case 2: Momentary push:
If focus is on folders, switch focus to songs
Else switch focus on folders

All these seems quite complicated to me...
As your current script stands the button will normally toggle back and forth between songs and folders, and it collapse/expand subfolders IF you hold it AND focus is on folders, OR will switch to songs again if focus is anywhere else

If I was to combine your actions to one button I would do this:

holding ? browser_folder : browser_window 'folders,songs'

Posted 5 days ago @ 11:05 am
Hi Phantom,

Thanks for the very thorough and useful response. Sorry that it has taken me a few days to reply - I've been away from my computer for a few days....

The original (over complex!) script actually comes from the default DJ2GO2 mapping, rather than being my own invention :-) I'm just in the process of standardising various controllers and liked what this did....

I've tried your new script which is much simpler and more elegant! However unfortunately it still doesn't seem to work on the 'Browser/Track' button on this particular controller. I've tested it on other buttons on the same controller where it behaves as expected.... but on the track button.... non! It only seems to perform the second function (browser_window 'folders,songs') successfully.

Rooting around the behaviour of the button a bit further with other commands I'm wondering whether it is executing the command only on the release of the button rather than when pushed. Is this possible or likely?
And if so would that mean that a 'holding' command would not work - which seems to be what is happening in this case?
If this is what is happening is there anything that can be done about it?


Posted 2 days ago @ 9:18 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Can you try something simpler, like...
holding ? loop 1 : loop 8

Hold the Browser knob pushed down for 2-3 seconds... do you always get loop 8 ?

If you do , then try this..
Download and run Miditrace from
Select the TM4 from both left and right lists
Press and hold down the Browser knob (the one you are trying to map)
You should get something like..
90 39 7F (and nothing else, as long as the knob is pressed)
and when released , you should get ..
90 39 00 or 80 39 00

Is the is the case ?

Posted 2 days ago @ 9:56 pm
Hi Djdad,

Thanks for that, I thought that there was a tool like that but have never had to use it before. I think that is exactly what I was looking for.

I'll let you know how I get on....

Posted yesterday @ 7:15 am
Hi DjDad,

Ok done the testing:

"holding ? loop 1 : loop 8" - only get 'loop 8' and that only when releasing the button.

Ran Midi Trace which produced:
90 39 7F 00
90 39 00 00
but both came up at the same time when the button was released.

BTW I've never used MidiTrace before and it only seems to work if VirtualDj is closed. Is this right - can you only use it by closing down the main program?

Many thanks

Posted yesterday @ 10:37 am