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Topic: Android,
Hallo,i have android and one question, can i work with controller by using virtual dj for android?

Posted Fri 02 Dec 16 @ 4:28 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The VirtualDJ Remote is not a stand-alone application, its just a remote application to control VirtualDJ running on a Windows or Mac computer from an iOS or Android device.
So your MIDI controller is connected to the computer, while the Remote application adds another "controller" to VirtualDJ.

Posted Fri 02 Dec 16 @ 5:55 am
You will still need a Laptop or Desktop PC/Mac but you can use the remote as a HUD for your controller, You just need to build up a little skin with anything you might need on it. there is a lot of info on skin building in the WIKI pages above.

Posted Fri 02 Dec 16 @ 10:33 pm
beekaneHome userMember since 2014
i just purchased it. luckily no problems with connecting other than the usual port stuff to configure ( or to hell with firewalls, leave it off and if you use upnp for media centers, then it will be cosy on your network within no time, ,who does not want to freeload from an open network and turns your hardware in slaves mining bitcoin for him!)......ok got carried away there... i do not think that running of the local network is doable. so the main firewall does not need modifications

the app was waiting for me to load a track (i have a soft spot for apps) and so i did. that and the rest is history. intuitive as hell, and no overkill, very quick (no latency) and what is the gain? i do not sit behind the jogs all the time when vdj is running, meaning that the app has it all. it is the best fitting app i know so far. the app has controls for all you need to perform work or so and in the mean time mix , or automatiix and the day is good.!!

regarding size matters:
i have a phone , no tablet and it is fine for vdj.

i also use touchDAW to manage DAW software wireless. it works seamless with all DAWS via midi over Wi-Fi and is very stable like vdj app.

but for DAW software to control ( the app has no instruments but a does provide 2 virtual midi controllers with midi ports , easy connections and the whole shebang ,, a mixer, a keyboard, the main panel, a turmoil (xyz pads) a midi clock and full midi config , incoming and outgoing and is ideal for remote working with a computer program if you have a tablet at least. . that was my point on size .. vdj is tailor-made and via your vdj account it knows all that vdj database knows so no hassle with double work,.., and unless you want to connect the dj controller to your phone and give it a good ride (midi over usb otg works fine but , i think the phone dies in seconds...)

it is a great app... and worth the money..

the best selling point is: for everything is an app (or 200). travel, dating, social media, health, tinder costs more than vdj :) so just do iT!

Posted Sun 22 Oct 17 @ 10:16 pm
all i did was get a wireless router . so if the computer is linked to it and the ipad is linked to the same router . Next step is go into virtual dj and turn on the remote and find it .. its not that hard. If you get stuck I will be happy to make a youtube video if there isnt one already...

Posted Mon 24 Dec 18 @ 9:40 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
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Posted 3 days ago @ 8:31 am