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ok I got a question
I reinstalled virtual dj le from the download page when I slide up the songs it takes a bit seems to hog the cpu like crazy so my 1.3mhz laptop seems slow

but the question is it only cues up 30 seconds so shuts off after that

why is that how u fix it or the limited edition doesn't allow you to play more then 30 seconds

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 7:31 am
on top of this the cpu light on top of the virtual dj just idling is in the red and I running win7 ultimate on yet the minum requirments is xp so I confused why is it also being cpu hog

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 8:31 am
High CPU usage is normal while loading a song, especially on a lower specification computer. Please see

The recommended hardware requirements in general for running VirtualDJ can be found at the bottom of the following page: (Denon may also have additional requirements for using the MC6000 - Please check the MC6000 user manual for further details.)

If you are loading songs via NetSearch/ContentUnlimited then these will be limited to 30 second previews if you don't have an active content plan subscription. Please see

Music from your own collection that you already have on your hard disk is not limited in any way:

Make sure that you have configured and optimised your computer for DJ performance:

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 11:57 am
well ill try

but when I load song from my hard drive it stops responding locks up the vdj for about 10 seconds and same if I slide when to the other channel

but if I don't have the mc6000 enabled plugged in it works better

would I need more memory

I cant download the pc optimizer as my license doesn't permit downloading of it

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 12:38 pm
I got a friend to send me the optimizer batch file
I ran it and now it screwed up the virtual dj the cross fader works and the buttons but it outputs the audio of left and right through the mains without the 4 channels slide up they are all slide down for no sound yet sound goes through. then playing with the config for the audio now I get no audio lol

like whats wrong with it

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 1:13 pm
also it wont buffer the whole song or 30 seconds it will slowly buffer 10 seconds as its playing the music stops waits for it to buffer a few seconds plays a few seconds then dead air

what is that how I fix that one

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 1:27 pm
It would be far easier for others if you used some punctuation in your messages.

They're very hard to understand, even for those whose first language is English. Some of the Atomix staff and support team are not English.

You do need to let songs load into the decks fully before trying to play them.

Also, your "friend" should not have passed that file onto you if your license doesn't permit you to download it.

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 2:07 pm
oh ic well u can let the song cue up and it never loads I let it sit there 10 min never buffered

its a acer 1.3 duo core with 4 gig ram, but my sister brought over her laptop an asus I cant remember the cpu but has 8 gig ram and has no problem running it so I guess u need at least 8 gig to run properly

as for the batch file it doesn't work really its ment for any computer to kill all the background routines probably posted on the net other places but problem with that is most of it said access denied or cant find to kill all the windows apps running in the back ground

now I gotta find a laptop like hers by tomorrow to work the bar.

and sorry, when you have dyslexia and learning disability, and couple other things my English isn't the greatest. sorry guys

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 2:44 pm
If a song doesn't load in full then it may be longer than the 'maxload' setting, which by default is 15 minutes - Please see: (This setting can't be changed in VirtualDJ LE except during the 20 day Pro trial.)

Some VBR (Variable Bit Rate) files that have not been analysed may be seen as longer than 15 minutes, triggering the streaming from disk unnecessarily. To avoid this, you should pre-analyse your music collection:

While a tool that kills unnecessary background processes may help, you must ensure that your computer is optimised for DJ performance. Please check through each of the steps on the page - If you don't understand this, please seek assistance from a friend who has good knowledge of computers.

Please also ensure that the Denon MC6000 is configured correctly and has the latest drivers and firmware installed:

NOTE: DO NOT ask a friend to send files to which you are not currently entitled. Doing so may result in both your and their accounts being locked. To access these tools and much, much more, please support the software and its future development by upgrading to the full VirtualDJ Professional:

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 9:04 pm
I tried but songs never loaded

it would load first ten seconds you could play the first 10 seconds. Then it would stop, play for 1 second stop, wait 4 seconds play for another second.

so in end I just went and bought a new laptop a quad core with 8 gig ram no problems

question is I wanna get rid of 2 of the virtual dj decks how do I do it there are no options as I use 2 of them for my dennon cd players so id like to close 2 out of the 4 decks

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 9:54 pm
Your old laptop probably was not fast enough to be able to run both the software and the MC6000 and/or wasn't optimised for DJ performance. 1.3Ghz isn't very fast by today's standards, so you made the right choice to upgrade to a more powerful computer.

Sorry, in VirtualDJ LE it's not possible to remove 2 of the decks. It's designed to be 4 deck software to match the normal use of the MC6000.

However, if you upgrade to the full VirtualDJ Pro, you can use any 2 deck skin of your own choice and configure the MC6000 for 2 deck external mixer (INT MIX) mode (See )

NOTE: If you decide to upgrade, the MC6000 entitles you to a considerable discount off the cost of upgrading.

Posted Fri 21 Jun 13 @ 10:21 pm
ya now im running quad core 1.9 and 8 gig ram, but trying to downgrade from win 8 comp didn't like me doesn't recognized win 7 bootable sticks
win 8 is a pain

my other question is I liked in Denons Engine and also think it was serato I seen you can select music by columns saying Genre BPM etc

so there be a list of Genres Country Pop Dance, and when you click it it give u a list of them of for BPMS you can quickly click 128 bpm and see a list so I can find a song.

also the Search how do I get it to search my song list it keeps finding names off netsearch not in my virtual folders I put or click Computer to search entire computer I was hoping

Posted Sat 22 Jun 13 @ 6:42 am
If you read the operating manual, it will explain how to use the software and all the features it has....

This includes how to add your music to the library and the different ways you can sort it and search for stuff.

Posted Sat 22 Jun 13 @ 7:06 am
only manual I have is for mc6000 and it doesn't talk about vdj

but ill try cd to find if they have something on there. I guessing the vdj cd as the other one is for the mc6000

and ok ya I want like 4 columns one saying genre 1 saying song name 1 saying bpm say

Posted Sat 22 Jun 13 @ 7:15 am
and I don't mean the pre made one that says song name artist and bpm,

ill try to find it cuz I wanna be able to have a listing of bpms showing 128 130 135 etc and when I click 130 it will show all the songs in the entire database that are 130 bpms

the Denon Engine scans your entire database as soon as you load it and sorts it but I cant incorporate it into vdj

just skimming the user manual now

Posted Sat 22 Jun 13 @ 7:24 am
ok found the search problem issue, so fixed it

but I guessing it cant do what I was mentioning you gotta type 128 for searching 128 bpm u cant just click a tab and then it props up
that way is easier

but ill get used to typing in search

least it doesn't search netsearch now lol

Posted Sat 22 Jun 13 @ 7:37 am

Posted Sat 22 Jun 13 @ 8:12 am
Filter folders won't work in the MC-6000 LE version.

Can I suggest you have a good read of the virtual DJ manual. The Denon isn't the easiest controller to understand and you don't seem to have a great knowledge of it or the software.


Posted Sat 22 Jun 13 @ 8:38 am
ah ok ill check it out later

ya I just got the controller Thursday and gotta dj bar tonight ill wing it I used to just using a laptop and cd players been doing that design since 1997 running a comp and cd players but since my mixer blew I upgraded to this so I just working out the bells and whistles and I had seen the denon Engine and the dj sereator and it did all that smart folder as soon as u loaded it up which was cool it searchs all the tags and places country and hiphop etc so u didn't have to do anything just load the songs and it sorted all the genres bpms artist all in about a minute.

but ill re go over it and guess upgrade to pro later too

im sure they have that option in the pro version somewhere thanks for help so far I appreciate it

Posted Sat 22 Jun 13 @ 9:18 am
If you go to the purchase page and scroll to the bottom, you can see an area where (if you enter your LE serial number) it'll show you the upgrade price to the full Pro version.

Posted Sat 22 Jun 13 @ 10:11 am
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