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Can you have a subscription to the ContentUnlimited Karaoke for a month cancel and then resubscribe a couple of months later?
The reason I ask is because from time to time I have clients that ask about Karaoke and I don't need it all of the time.

Thanks for the help!

Posted Mon 29 Apr 13 @ 6:32 pm
Yes, you can cancel at any time (Your subscription will remain active for the remainder of the month that you've already paid for) and then re-subscribe again in the future if you wish.

However, any content that you've downloaded won't be playable once the cache authorisation expires. It won't be playable until you subscribe again.

Posted Mon 29 Apr 13 @ 6:53 pm
If you don't have a WiFi connection can you download songs to your cache and use them?

Posted Mon 29 Apr 13 @ 8:15 pm
Yes, please see our FAQ pages:

However, you would need to download everything that you need in advance before going to your gig. As above, a mobile/cell phone with 3G/4G service should allow you to download any requests without WiFi access at the venue, but this will depend on your signal and may be slow. You will also need to ensure that your data plan has adequate allowance. Video files are large and may quickly use up your allowance.

NOTE: If you are a working DJ then you will need to purchase VirtualDJ to use it at your gigs. Home FREE is for non-commercial use only and cannot be used at gigs where you are being paid. You will also need to purchase the full VirtualDJ Pro to be able to output video and karaoke full-screen.

If you have not purchased VirtualDJ then please support the software and its future development by purchasing it: (Especially if you are a working DJ and you are making money as a result of using it.)

Otherwise if you have already purchased, then please register your Pro serial number on your account and then download the latest version from the Download Center:

Posted Tue 30 Apr 13 @ 5:18 am
Just a quick question in the purpose of video karaoke,is picture video or just like sunfly music and words that follow?Just wondered cos some people that i do work for dont like video and words while trying to sing distracting.

Posted Mon 01 Jul 13 @ 2:45 pm
It's just normal plain background with the lyrics like conventional Karaoke CDG's, but because it uses video format the resolution is better, i.e: Smooth rather than blocky graphics.

You can try it out and see for yourself (30 second preview) by going to the ContentUnlimited -> Search Karaoke folder and searching.

Posted Mon 01 Jul 13 @ 7:00 pm
I just subscribed to the virtual dj karaoke content. is there a way to download all of the library? So I have it all off line?

Posted Thu 08 Aug 13 @ 1:39 am
Haui70PRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2008
Sorry to tell you this is not possible with one step!
You need to download them one by one.

Posted Thu 08 Aug 13 @ 3:11 am
mydjcjPRO InfinityMember since 2012
Does the karaoke subscription work with version 7.0.4 pro or just starting at version 7.4? Because I just purchased the karaoke unlimited and I can't pull up a song on version 7.0.4

Posted Thu 03 Apr 14 @ 4:06 pm
Sorry, the karaoke subscription service requires a minimum of VirtualDJ v7.4 as clearly stated on the content unlimited page:

VirtualDJ v7.0.4 is an old and out-of-date version of the software and is not compatible with the karaoke subscription service. You should upgrade to the latest version or download the latest VirtualDJ Home FREE.

NOTE: If you are using VirtualDJ LE that came with a MIDI controller, then this is not eligible for free updates, but you can upgrade to the latest full VirtualDJ Pro at a discount by going to and entering your VirtualDJ LE serial number in the box provided.

Posted Thu 03 Apr 14 @ 9:04 pm
how many karaoke song can we get with the subscription? spanish?

Posted Fri 11 Apr 14 @ 12:33 am

Posted Fri 11 Apr 14 @ 5:42 am
I am considering, the karaoke subscription, so I was trying out the 30 second samples that are provided and while searching for songs I noticed that a lot popular tracks do not pop up. These are tracks that are on most every karaoke starter collections. Is it that I don't have the purchased subscription yet and its not showing them to me or is it very limited in track options.

Posted Wed 11 Feb 15 @ 3:48 am
elmo4verPRO SubscriberMember since 2012
I have just purchased the Virtual DJ 8 Pro License Monthly subscription and the Karaoke Content Unlimited monthly subscription today. But I can not get the Karaoke Content Unlimited to work. Tried to see if the program was blocked but I have no clue what I am looking for. Do you have a tutorial video on how to fix this problem? Help!! Did I waste my money?

Posted Fri 02 Jun 17 @ 6:06 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Open VirtualDJ 8 and goto Settings-->LICENSES tab
Make sure the "Content Unlimited Karaoke" box at the bottom is grayed out and says "already have" at the bottom.

Then close Settings and from the left side of the Browser (Folders) expand the Online Music folder and select the "ContentUnlimited Karaoke" folder
In the Search bar of the Browser, search for a Karaoke song .. e.g. type .. Madonna
you will then get the results (Karaoke tracks) in the Songs List.
Drag n drop to a deck to load (streaming)
You can also right-click and choose to Download to Cache in order to play the track when no Internet connection is available (offline use)

Posted Fri 02 Jun 17 @ 7:44 am
supadaHome userMember since 2017
It is interesting and a good thing.

Posted Fri 30 Jun 17 @ 3:16 am
Where can i get more kareoke songs that are compatible with virtual DJ? There just isnt a lot of the songs i get requests for or any newer songs>

Posted Sun 06 Aug 17 @ 5:28 am
unitednorthent wrote :
Where can i get more kareoke songs that are compatible with virtual DJ? There just isnt a lot of the songs i get requests for or any newer songs

I think VDJ supports multible karaoke formats, because you can simply tag videos to become karaoke tracks
But all mine are in the mp3+g format, which is then often in zip files

You can buy those a lot of places on the net

Like on:

They also sometimes sell regular instrumental mp3's, so remember to always go for the (more expensive) MP3+G format when buying tracks

Posted Sun 06 Aug 17 @ 8:49 am
How often is the karaoke updated? Lots of new song are not available..

Posted Wed 11 Oct 17 @ 11:43 pm
im new to this an i dont know what i need to use for karaoke i have the updated version of virtaul dj,someone plz help

Posted Tue 24 Oct 17 @ 7:18 pm
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