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 What is a serial number

Q: What is a serial number and how do I get one ?

Starting from VirtualDJ 8, serial numbers (keycodes) have been replaced by a modern and flexible Licensing system.
VirtualDJ 8 (and above) does not require any serial number (keycode).

Serial numbers (keycodes) are only valid and used by VirtualDJ 7 and older discontinued products.

You will need it to be able to install and use the software and to be able to register your account so that you can download any add-ons or software updates that you may be entitled to.

You need to know :

  • Serial numbers are strictly personal and must not be disclosed to or shared with any other person.
  • Atomix Productions retains the right to lock and cancel any stolen/hacked/cracked serial number, and close the users accounts related to these keys without any refund. Atomix Productions may also take legal action against the appropriate users.
  • No serial number will ever be replaced by Atomix Productions! Always keep it in a safe place!!
  • It is your responsibility to keep your serial and login safe. Make sure that you protect your login account with a strong password and do not disclose it to any other user. Make sure that you logout of the forums/website on computers which can be accessed by other people.

If you have purchased VirtualDJ or any Legacy VirtualDj product in the past, please register your serial number to your Account.
If you have trouble registering, please contact support.