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 Record Microphone Input

Q: I cannot hear my microphone in my recorded mix or broadcast

To record or broadcast your microphone input when recording your mix or broadcasting, please ensure the following:

  • You are using a device that allows the microphone to input to the software or directly connects to your computer (example: USB Microphone). Some controllers have this ability, others are hardware based and do not send the microphone's signal back to the computer. To see if your hardware supports this please consult the manufacturer's documentation for your device and the VirtualDJ Hardware Manual (if available). If it does not support this, you can configure a Record Loopback in most cases.

  • You have the microphone configured in VirtualDJ's SETTINGS AUDIO. To configure your microphone, please see the Audio Setup Guide in the User Manual.

  • You have the microphone switched to the on position in the Master Panel of VirtualDJ's mixer and you can see the microphone's signal in the meter when you speak. If you do not see any signal, then the microphone is not configured correctly.

Note: If you are using an external mixer VirtualDJ will not record/broadcast your mix or microphone properly as it does not input back into the software. A record loopback must be configured in order to record your mix properly.

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