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Network Control Plugin

This plugin allows developers to control VirtualDJ through a HTTP connection.
It requires VirtualDJ 2023 or later and a Pro license.

To install the plugin, go to Config->Extensions, then select Effects->Other and install the plugin called "Network Control"

After Installation, you can find the plugin on the Master panel in the Master Effect drop-down under the Auto-Start category.
There you can use the cog wheel to open the settings.
You can configure the ip port the plugin should use and optionally enter an authentication string to limit access to the plugin.

* Using GET
You can use /query to request information from VDJ or /execute to execute a vdj script command.

If you entered a password for authentication, it can be supplied either through the url in the bearer parameter, or through an Authorization header:
Authorization: Bearer mypassword

*Using POST
Post also uses the execute and query endpoints and the Authorization header.
To pass the script, you can either send the script in the body directly (using Content-Type: text/plain)
Or use a html form (using Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded) and pass script= as parameter (and optionally bearer if you are not able to pass the Authorization header)

The response will be plain text containing either 'true' or 'false' in the case of execute, and the result of the query otherwise.
A HTTP error code is supplied when authorization is incorrect or the parameters passed are incorrect.