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 How can I change my Account email

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Q: My Account email is no longer valid. How can I change or add a new one ?

If the Email of your Account is no longer valid, need to use a different one, or even add a secondary Email as an alternative Login:

  • Visit your Account page
  • Click on the Add/Remove Email button
  • Add your new email and click on the Get button.
  • Add the Confirmation code that you have received via Email.
  • Click on the Link button.
  • Once your secondary email is added, you can set that as primary so that it can be used in the Login window and/or Emails communication.


  • Both Primary and Secondary Emails can be used to login to your Account in the website or using VirtualDJ, since both are linked to the same User Account/License.
  • A Primary email cannot be deleted. If you wish to delete the Primary email, add a secondary and set that as Primary.
  • If the additional email has been used to a different Account that you may have created in the past, the Email with the confirmation code that you will receive, will inform you that if you proceed, the old Account will be merged to this one (and its Licenses will be transferred as well). This procedure is useful to merge User Accounts and Licenses (that could be purchased under different emails).

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