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 High CPU

Q: I am experiencing high CPU usage when using VirtualDJ

If you are experiencing high CPU usage while loading a song or just using VirtualDJ in general, there are a couple of factors that can cause this:

  • You are using on older computer or computer with low processing power (example: Netbook)

  • There are multiple programs open or background processes running

  • The computer you are using is in power saving mode

  • Your music is on an external hard drive and it is going to sleep

  • Your files are not analyzed and VirtualDJ is trying to analyze them as they load

Most of these situations can be corrected easily, but in some cases a computer upgrade may be required (for older systems). The links provided below will provide more information for the most common causes:

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WIKI What can I do to improve my Mac's performance?
FAQ How do I prevent my hard drive from going to sleep?
FAQ How do I pre-analyze my music collection?

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