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 Delete Addon

Q. How do I delete an addon that I don't like or no-longer wish to use?

In VirtualDJ 8 you can uninstall skins and custom effects directly in the software or from the VirtualDJ's folder directory when the software is not in use.

Software Addon Removal

  • To uninstall/remove a skin click on the Settings button at the top of the software and click on the Interface tab. Right-click on the skin to be removed and select Delete.

  • To uninstall/remove a custom effect simply click on the effects drop down menu, right-click on the custom effect and select Delete.

Folder Directory Removal

To uninstall an addon, simply delete its file from the your VirtualDJ home folder (Make sure that VirtualDJ is closed first.) The location can be found in your computer's library in My Documents\VirtualDJ.

  • Skins are located in the Skins folder. Simply delete the skin .ZIP file.

  • Other addons (Sound effects and video effects/transitions) are located in the Plugins folder. Simply delete the plugin .DLL (PC) or .bundle (Mac) file.

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