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  Use VirtualDJ 8 Offline

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Q: What happens if you have a PRO Infinity license or a Controller license, but want to use VirtualDJ in a place where there is no Internet?

Can I use VirtualDJ 8 without an Internet connection?

Yes, you just need to connect to the Internet once, log in to your account to let VirtualDJ automatically download the license file, and the software will keep your license forever, as long as you don't specifically click on the "Log out" button.

What happens if the computer where I want to install VirtualDJ 8 cannot connect to the Internet even once?

Contact our customer support, they will generate a special file for you that you will need to copy to your gig computer using a USB key (or cd, floppy drive, or whatever). This file will simulate a connection once, so VirtualDJ can log you in.
Note: this file works for computers that *never* had an Internet connection. If you can connect at least once, you don't need this.

What happens if I have my club computer offline, and I connect at home on another computer?

No problems. Your offline computer will keep the license active, you will not need to log in again, no matter how many times you logged in on different computers on the side.
As a rule, before requiring you to log in again, VirtualDJ will always first check that there is an active Internet connection, and that it is capable of communicating with our servers. If it cannot, it will keep your license active.

Is the offline license linked to the hardware? Do I need to reinstall a new one if I change the soundcard?

Yes, the offline license is linked to your hardware, you cannot reuse the file on another computer.
But no, it is not tied to parts that you might change like a soundcard or a videocard.
As long as you keep the same CPU and main harddrive, your offline license is still valid.

What if I have a PRO Subscriber license?

If you have a PRO Subscriber license, then you can still use your computer offline, but you need it to connect to the Internet at least once every month, during the 10 days following the date where your credit card is charged.
A message will remind you during the 7 days before your license expires, if you still didn't renew the license file.


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