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Topic: How to stop the auto reading of BPM
Since the new version reads my id tags, I don't want VDJ to keep trying to re-do the BPM when I put a new song in. How do I disable it from trying to analyze the bpm? Some of the songs VDJ does not “read” correctly and when it does try to “read” them, it changes the BPM of what I have on the tag already and messes my mix up. I love that it finally reads tags for the bpm since I tag all of my stuff but there should be a way to turn off how it tries to re-do my tags…? Or just stop it from trying to calc the BPM so it does not kill my mix.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Posted Mon 26 Nov 07 @ 4:16 am
I should also mention I only wnat it to scan for a BPM when I want it to scan. not evertime on load.

Posted Mon 26 Nov 07 @ 4:21 am
Paz75PRO InfinityMember since 2006
not sure if its what you mean, but the Browser > Read ID3 tags, set this to disable. The second option would read the artist, title tags so i would guess the first one would include BPM values.

But the new version does have the edit_bpm window which allows you to adjust the BPM value and also phase. I use this alot for trip hop which is too syncopated to guess values correctly on many counts.

Theres something in the PDF which also explains about tag writing. Though I cant remember where or when i saw it.

Posted Mon 26 Nov 07 @ 2:32 pm
What I want it to do is read the bpm tags but not scan everytime i put a new song in. When it scans, and if the scan is wrong, it changes my bpm tags I already had in there. So i want to take a song, put it in the player, have it read the tag but, not scan the actual song and try to get a new bpm reading on its own. If i disable the read ID3 tags, then it wont be able to read the tags I put on the songs already.

The problem with manually adjusting all of my music in the new VDJ, would be extreamly time comsumming. Their should be a way just to disable it upon load and only manual scan for bpm when I want it to.

Is that a little clearer?

I want it to read my ID tags, I don;t want it to manually scan the song I put in. If it is a song that i never had played before, it tries to re-do the BPM and in the middle of the mix, BOOM it messes it up because it thinks 80 bpm is 130!

When I Rip my music, I tag it with the proper BPM. No extra scanning needed from the VDJ software. How do i disable the bpm scanning and just have it read my tags?

Posted Mon 26 Nov 07 @ 6:26 pm
I should say when it analizes upon 1st load

Posted Tue 27 Nov 07 @ 5:19 am
apopsisPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003
It is not that simple.
(as Dev staff stated sometime) There is a good reason why vdj scan and overwrite the bpm value saved in tags.
It needs to buld its own rhythmic structure of each file in the database (beatgrid etc.) so that all beat functions such as loops, sync/beatlock depend on.
It is not possible to use separate sources eg. external bpm from tags, and vdj engine for loops etc.
This will simply don't work.

Anyway some thinks will change for good in the future..
and yes... i can't say much for now -)

Posted Tue 27 Nov 07 @ 2:54 pm
Paz75PRO InfinityMember since 2006
well since mp3 id3 tags didnt have bpm values until v2, and assuming that you used something to create the bpm values in your tags, why not use vdj to correct them? as i mentioned you have the facilities for correcting misaligned beatmaps.

afaik, vdj doesnt overwrite the id3 tags, it uses the tags its written in its own library. your tag is still there, but you need to look in the xml file in the vdj installation. thats where the usable information is...

Posted Wed 28 Nov 07 @ 4:50 am

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