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Topic: disable all action points
Howdie all,

I tend to "edit" a lot of the tracks in my set via action points (auto loops, beatjumps of different lenghts. jump to cue points...).

Now I am quite happy with it all.

But been considering using a pad (like ddj xp1/2) with custom mapping and do the edit "live" when wanting a more engaged session. And via action points when I feel like just having a chill time.

Now when doing live via pads. my set action points might interfere.

So is there a way to just disable action points within vdj.

Would suck to have to duplicate my efforts of setting all the points on a 2nd copy of the tracks...
(and doing it without at least named marker points is a not go for me)

thanks a bunch in advance


Posted Sat 15 Jan 22 @ 12:41 pm
I had a thought about that a couple of weeks ago.

In Scotland we generally use Runrig Loch Lomond as the last track of the night, and I have a POI set so when it gets to the last beat nefore the cheering at the end it invokes my end of night sequence on the moving heads. I got asked for it during the evening and had to delete the POI so it didn't screw up the lights.

As you say apart from having a second copy I can't think of a workaround at the moment.

Posted Sat 15 Jan 22 @ 12:49 pm
two of us already.. if an easy way doesn't exist yet... 2 might be enough to create a feature request ;-)

now... for a non-easy way:

set a persistent global boolean variable "APsActive" and put all Action Points behind a check:

if APsActive then doaction else donothing

(map a button to toggle the variable between true/false)

easy...unless you already have 100s of action points. retrofitting that would suck big time I fear (unless there is a way to programatically do it (for all action points in all songs get "script"; set retrofittedscript;)

Posted Sat 15 Jan 22 @ 1:41 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
just a ctrl+h xml exercise, nothing much to it.

Posted Sat 15 Jan 22 @ 2:18 pm
Clever idea and great solution, Locodog !

this topic was also discussed few days ago in this thread:

PhantomDeejay wrote :
You can do what I do:

Map a custom button as
deck all toggle 'ExecMacro'

Now "remap" your action POIs as per the following example:
var_equal 'ExecMacro' 1 ? goto_cue 3

This way if you don't use the button that you mapped above to "enable" the POIs (set the variable to 1) they will not execute.

PS: Personally I use local (per deck) variables as in the example I gave you. This way I can control each deck indecently since I have remapped a button in my controller as
toggle 'ExecMacro'

You could achieve the same results with a global variable (like '$ExecMacro') but I think the "per deck" solution is future proof.

Posted Sat 15 Jan 22 @ 8:55 pm