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Topic: Switching from Serato Video to VDJ with Twitch
Hi All,
My Current streaming system is a high end PC (i7 9700k). I currently use Serato Video and broadcast to twitch using OBS. I have 3 cameras connected. I do everything on the one system but Serato video is so hard on the GPU and since OBS uses that same GPU to Broadcast I sometimes get glitches.
I got a new Macbook Pro 13" with the 4 x usb c ports (2020 i7 version). I want to switch back to VDJ and use the Macbook but still use the PC to handle the OBS stuff.
I want to avoid using a secondary display on the macbook so here is my questions:
1. Can I somehow move the Virtual DJ Video output window to desktop 2 so I can use OBS window capture to send the Video over NDI to the OBS PC? I know I can just have the video small on my VDJ screen but I would rather have it out of sight.
2. Is it possible to somehow use the built in Broadcast feature of VDJ to send the Video to the obs software on the PC using a plugin on OBS or a browser source or something?
3. Is it possible to buy an original apple USB C to USB 3 cable and then run a powered hub off that to run my Numark Scratch and two Rane 12s? Will there be issues? My plan is to use the 4 ports but I am trying to save costs. One port will have a Network adapter, another my external drive and one will have the hub and the other will be for power.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 2:03 pm
Why use OBS? Are you not aware that VDJ can broadcast directly?

Posted Fri 09 Apr 21 @ 3:49 pm
I am aware but I want to use things in OBS that VDJ cannot do. Since twitch is not all about the music you need to engage chat in different ways and a straight broadcast is not going to get sustained views.

Posted 6 days ago @ 2:34 pm
nitelife wrote :
a straight broadcast is not going to get sustained views

Isn't it? Where is that written?

I've been using Twitch for almost a year now, and some DJ streamers (even big names) literally just have one camera facing them. That's it. No fancy graphics, no overlays, no popups triggered by users - and they have thousands of followers and hundreds watching them on every stream.

On the other hand, some guys overdo it completely and have a screen filled with all sorts of random pictures, animations etc then a tiny little window in one corner showing their face.

IMO you don't need all that addon Streamelements stuff to attract viewers. They should be tuning in to see you, not to marvel at how many overlays you've got.

Posted 6 days ago @ 2:55 pm