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Topic: Help with VirtualDJ 2021 viewing all songs
Im just trying to help someone with their Virtual DJ Setup. They recently updated there Windows 10 laptop and have updated to Virtual DJ 2021. Since doing so having trouble viewing song library as they once did. Basically the "File List" area (bottom middle of screen) used to display all song and was refined when a search begun. Playlists all gone also.
Since moving 2021 the "File List" area is empty and the only way I can find to start browsing music is manually find the folder with all the artists in the "Folder List" area and then right clicking and selecting Recurse. That gradually brings the songs into the File List but then after a bit of a browsing/seaching/loading songs etc, the File List will be empty again and the Recurse will need to be redone, which starts for scratch indexing all the songs etc.

Seems as though Im missing something obvious but after a good few hours searching around for a solution im STUCK. Any help or suggestions here would be greatly appreciated!!!

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 7:11 am
Almost the same issue as above. All music files from laptop HD can not be accessed from Vdj21. On the other hand "playlists" can be accessed but only show in automix area.
Is it a setting i need to re-engage, or a simple software download, what is the fix please help, i have a gig in a few weeks

Posted 7 days ago @ 5:40 pm
Did you just update? or did you remove old version and install new?
And changed laptops? (at least upgraded it sounded like). Is the music at same path (folders) as it was before if changing to new computer?

Little unsure, can be many things. ... but wasnt so much info to go by

Posted 7 days ago @ 6:03 pm
Hey jake got a solution that worked for me.
On the farthest left side vertical menu there is a "dot" menu, just above "A"- font size button, this dot menu: click on "show only" > make sure "Show music" is checked. Thats all it took to fix my issue. Hope that helps you.

Posted 6 days ago @ 8:18 pm