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Topic: Open VDJ, defaults to folder inside Local Music/Volumes - poss to disable this?
When I open VirtualDJ, it opens the last playlist I was on, but rather than in my Lists, PLaylists or Favourited playlist, it opens inside my disk volumes, inside my VirtualDJ folder.

I'd like to start at my first favourite, which I've put top of my browser list. I'd like it not to open the disk volumes structure. The first I thought I could do with keyboard ONINIT `browser_gotofolder 0` but it isn't run on startup. Is this possible?

Not important, just a nice-to-have, and presume it is easy and I'm not seeing it..

Posted Wed 07 Apr 21 @ 9:49 pm
You can use browser_gotofolder, but you have to delay it.
You can do by adding it on a repeat script:
repeat_start 'gotostart' 3000ms 1 & browser_gotofolder 0

This will delay the execution of the code 3 seconds.
You can tweak the number of ms accoriding to your needs

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 8:05 am
Thanks so much. 500ms works for me. I added the below to close the Local Music tree and open my favourite. Works a treat thanks.

repeat_start 'gotostart' 500ms 1 & browser_gotofolder "/Local Music" & browser_folder & browser_gotofolder 0 & browser_folder

Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 9:08 am