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Topic: Does VDJ 2021 work with Behringer DX2000USB?
Hi guys,

I just bought a Behringer DX2000USB and got my VDJ 21 licence, but I noticed that there is no support in the settings for my new mixer. Is there a way to use my mixer with VDJ or is it impossible?

Let me know please!

Thank you!

Posted Wed 07 Apr 21 @ 1:31 am
that mixer isnt midi or dvs.

Posted Wed 07 Apr 21 @ 6:03 am
As your mixer is an external one it has no midi or dvs the only way it will work with vdj is via the audio output of the computer to the back of the mixer and to your speakers and by the way did you look at the specs of the mixer before purchase but looking at your question may be not. In future it may worth checking before purchasing to see if it is compatable with what you want to do.You said you have licence for vdj2021 which one ?.

Posted Wed 07 Apr 21 @ 3:43 pm