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Topic: When close VDJ when connected to Rane 72, it sets headphone setting to max bass?!
Every time I close VDJ while connected to my Rane 72, it changes the headphone setting in the mixer to maximum bass, minimum treble.

This is a really weird one, had the issue for months and months, I first asked Rane about this, as I didn't think of checking the exit sequence. But it is 100% consistent - every time I close VDJ with the 72 connected, it resets that setting. If I shut down the mixer before closing VDJ, the setting stays where it was. I'm on the latest release of VDJ and the firmware.

My 72 ONEXIT is the default

fake_mixer off & fake_eq off & fake_filter off & fake_hp off & fake_hpmix off & fake_gain off & fake_master off

In case it is relevant, my ONINIT is also default I think:

fake_mixer on & fake_eq on & fake_filter on & fake_hp on & fake_hpmix on & fake_gain on & fake_master on & deck 1 effect_3slots_layout on & deck 2 effect_3slots_layout on & repeat_start 'SetPads' 100ms 3 & deck 1 pad_page 'hotcues' & deck 2 pad_page 'hotcues'


Posted Mon 05 Apr 21 @ 7:31 pm
We don't control that setting directly (in fact it's not even documented) but we will take a look at it.

Posted Tue 06 Apr 21 @ 8:07 am
Thanks, I thought it was so unlikely, but I've checked and the setting doesn't change when Serato shuts down, and I haven't found anyone else on the user groups who has noticed the issue. The Rane Seventy Two Device Settings app can control it, I guess (?) VDJ accidentally sends a similar signal on disconnecting. Obviously please shout if I can provide any further info.

Posted Tue 06 Apr 21 @ 10:14 am
We have tested on our device and we were able to identify a possible case that under some certain conditions headphones tone would reset.
We have introduced a possible fix for this case that will be available on next software update.


Posted Tue 06 Apr 21 @ 11:50 pm
Fantastic! Thank you very much!

Posted Wed 07 Apr 21 @ 10:17 am