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Topic: loading tracks Crashed Virtual DJ again where it doesnt release Decks but Software still works
i tried to make a ticket but it doesnt let me anymore not sure if its removed

but i experiencing this again.. where you load a track and it freezes but before it was database searching issues so i stopped using date display in the search.. but its now back if you load a song up it locks up the Software still works except loading tracks.. i can search, i can go into options. i can select anything but loading the deck is crashing

the mouse flashes with a Blue Spinning circle.. and i left teh software running several hours
so not sure i took a video you can see the blue circle you can see i can load files etc

also id like a feature to erase any dead songs in Virtual Folders and the like 10 copies of the same exact song in a virtual folder.. i just 1 one copy

i cant upload an 85 meg video i made so i linked my one drive for the images and videos
and if its on going

i also noticed this happened before.. when you close Virtual DJ its not closed Task manager registers it still running.. so when you load it it wont let you... so a reboot fix's it

what i noticed too vdj came up with more copies of a song "you make me" in the video there was a bunch more copies.. but after killing vdj reloading it.. there was only 4 copies.. where is the other video showed 10 copies or something cant remember now... also its apparently a dead link

anyway i scan scan all the virtual folders in one shot and when your click a folder it will say change the color or an ICON so i can sort by icon dead links as right now i cant tell if thats a dead link or not when i click a folder something to tell me yes its dead

and an app to erase all these darn duplicates.. it says i have 2000 songs in the one folder but i truly dont
its 1-10 copies of the same file same location its duplicated i dunno whats going on but id like it erased down to 1 copy

i got a bunch of pics and videos on my MS One Drive link
as no way to upload it i got poor internet
but here is the link

Posted Sun 04 Apr 21 @ 3:19 pm
Hi Pimpin,

I can't help you with the crashing , although I had massive problems with an Nvidia graphics card and a hp laptop that took me 30 days to solve. It sort of crashed when you right clicked items etc.
It turned out you had to have all the drivers for your specific hp laptop from the HP site.

Anyway, what I can help you on is your virtual folder duplicates. Drag everything from the virtual folder with duplicates over to the auotmix function in the side bar. Then delete everything in your virtual folder > in the automix panel if you click the top right options/cog you can select an option to remove duplicates > click that and it will remove all the duplicates > Then just drag all the tracks in automix back over to the virtual folder they were in, you will now just have all single tracks, no duplicates.

Hope this helps.

Posted Sun 04 Apr 21 @ 11:11 pm
Sorry For the Delay..
i didnt get no notification and i couldnt find my post so i thought it was deleted but it wasnt.. i dunno why it didtn show up

so for me i know i had similar on my laptops and i guess it was the browsing by Date adding it to the search that crashed it alot..

but now with pandemic i been using my desktop PC.. i using a Gigabyte HD7950 video card its an old card drivers are really not around anymore as it stopped for Windows 7 8 but i running 10.. and i stopped running Radeon Suite as i guess it buggered up my Minecraft i guess i need a better video card

it is frustrating i tell ya

as for the virtual folders.. i did find a differen trick i had made a folder then draged in deleted the first folder and then dragged the 2nd folder back into the first folder..

but the problem is comes back.. its frustrating.. and i looking for an automated way.. i got more then 200 Virtual Folders.. so doing 1 at a time is going to be pain staking.. and it comes back..

why is this duplicating happening? and is there no macro or plugin then that takes all your virtual folders slides it into the automix process and then slides it back to your folder cleaned up..

i dont even know why this is happening or how to stop it.. as folders i done like above and what you done.. if i add more songs to that folder sometimes i get dups or quads .
i dont get it why its happening in the first place.. and why there is no automation to cure this problem?

what ill try for the first part next time i dj online ill try with my DJ laptop its got windows 10 video card drivers and ill give it a try to see it if helps

sorry i didnt reply sooner i didnt even know i had a reply nore did i get notification and i couldnt find my post even under my posts ... so i thought it got deleted ...

i also had to remove my Karaoke stuff from the VDJ that was giving my hanging problems so i will have a 2nd computer only for Karaoke not have them with main music and karaoke that made it hang alot to in database search's


Posted Thu 08 Apr 21 @ 2:43 pm

also is there no way to run a macro? like you can for pressing a button on your mixer.. so like loading a track or something

can you not automate it so it goes in every folder .. i was trying to look for way to do that in macro to be able to automate the whole process
and find away that no duplicats ever happen again

Posted 6 days ago @ 12:49 pm