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Topic: Karaoke suggestions
.. and i currently get from PCDJ's karaoke program.
Rotation options
-much better rotation mode. The next singer is at the top, new singer they go to the bottom of the rotation . when song is played, it is auto removed and next singer moves up. song is autoloaded after current song ends.
-multiple songs can be entered for singers. They aren't individually listed. instead there is a 'qty' column. You can affect the singers individual song rotation in thier song list/history. ]
-The history has check boxes where you can click and that song is automaticaly added to the roatation under thier name.

-number of singers displayed (1-5)
-Placement of new singers
-Auto Remove
-Display tracks
The history reflects the song and last song; it doens't add the song repeatedly
Song can be added FROM the singer history and automaticly into karoake rotation
Searches inclue an online database that gives you the option of buying the track from multiple sources.
Browser allows you to select multiple tracks then edit all of them at once by swapping "title-artist" or "title-disk ID" or "Artist-disk ID".
-Disk ID is part of the tagging and column. The "ID" is important for older songs because there are a lot of bad version. Sometimes singers have a preference or a version they're use to singing. DiskID needs to be part of the entire karaoke portion of the program.

List goes on, but you get the idea. Whomever designed it had only karaoke on thier mind. I love Virtual DJ but i have been reluctatly using the karaoke portion, however that will be ending soon along with my subscriptions. While unmatched for DJing, for a karaoke show, it's easier to run stotify or pandora in the background on a seperate chanel and use karaoke for the show.


Posted Wed 17 Mar 21 @ 8:10 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
The current song is already at the top, and is automatically removed once played.
Drag&Drop from karaoke history to karaoke list is also already possible.

Posted Wed 17 Mar 21 @ 8:14 am
Another option would be to disable the Auto-Cue function and NOT CUE the song when it detects the music. When you load a Karaoke Song into a deck it auto advances to the sound and ignores the pre-splash screen that shows the song title and Karaoke publisher. I understand the importance of this function for DJ's cueing up music to play, however when doing a Karaoke show this is not needed and should be disabled. Most of the time.
I recently had a support ticket that was resolved and I indicated this to the tech. He stated that the engineers are aware of this request and it may be implemented in a future update.

Posted Thu 18 Mar 21 @ 12:29 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
As this is already an option with automix ^^

What would be fine is what ADION said to be totally true ^^
Badly when no auto remove is activated, current song is not always at the top
when autoremove is engaged again... everything go bad
add at top scrolls the line, delete at top moves the current list but current still stay the same position...
no way to reset current to #1

Posted Thu 18 Mar 21 @ 12:52 am