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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Drum machine
1. Ability to connect and sync DRUM MASCHINES like the MASCHINE MIKRO e.t.c or ability for VDJ to recorgnise and sync properly so beats from the drum machine or box would sync with the current decks for live remix purposes.
2. Ability for VDJ to have DRUM PADS on the skin like the ROLAND DJ 808 DJ CONTROLLER (Sequence & TRS) or the ability to creat live beats for remix purposes with the existing PADS present on many controllers or mixers like the Rane Seventy e.t.c

Posted Sat 13 Mar 21 @ 8:36 pm
if it supports midi clock (from VDJ) or ableton link (both ways), it can sync to VirtualDJ

VirtualDJ both have performance pads and sampler that can be used.
And unlimited about of, so beyond those already shown, could make displays for more in skin.
And sampler in sideview shows as many as you have in the bank (and can map to drum pad controller)

Any midi capable pads can easily be mapped, and quite a few already premapped ones:

Posted Sat 13 Mar 21 @ 10:19 pm