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Topic: Como puedo poner el micro grabando en sesión
juky123Home userMember since 2015
No se me escucha grabando sesión en micro mi voz tengo una Pioneer ddj flx6 con virtual dj 2021 último software no se cómo poner el micro en ajuste para que se me e escuche en grabación gracias

Posted Tue 23 Feb 21 @ 9:51 pm
The microphone on the DDJ-FLX6 is a hardware only microphone.
So the sound goes directly to the speaker output of the controller, and is not part of the usb audio interface to the computer (so the sound is never heard by the computer, or VirtualDJ)

So to broadcast microphone, you need to loop back the audio from the master output of the controller back into a line-in at the computer. And then add a "Record" entry in VirtualDJ sound settings equal to this line-in. Then it works (can use the booth output of the controller for this for example)



Posted Tue 23 Feb 21 @ 10:02 pm
juky123Home userMember since 2015

Posted Wed 24 Feb 21 @ 1:08 pm