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Topic: Option for old style Automix Cue Points
I would like to see an option to use the older Automix cue points like in VDJ 7 where you would just hover the mouse over the cue point, then it turns green and you can drag it wherever you want. I understand you can do something similar through the POI editor, but for me I am not wanting to open up an editor every time I'm playing a new track. I have seen quite a few people ask about it, then it's just silence.

I have been using VDJ 7.4.1 for years simply because of this feature. I mainly work in small bars and do small shows. I do not use an external controller. Honestly VDJ 7.4.1 is perfect for me, but I do like a lot of the newer features of VDJ 2021

Posted Tue 23 Feb 21 @ 8:45 pm

Posted Tue 23 Feb 21 @ 9:19 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You can also simply right click the area at the end or the beginning. This opens the poi editor with the relevant point selected so you can just move it like in v7 (but a bit more precise

Posted Wed 24 Feb 21 @ 4:24 am
That is what I have been doing for now. I guess I'm just old and it's hard to go from something I've been using for 15+ years. lol.

I have anther simple question.... When searching for *Video *music or *karaoke files, is there any other area besides the little dot on the left side of the browser? It would be very helpful to have it near the search bar.

Posted Thu 25 Feb 21 @ 2:23 am