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Topic: How to remove icons from folderlist
How do I do it?
Specifically I'd like to remove the playlist icon. I can't find that icon in any .png.
.. <folderlist

Posted 4 days ago @ 7:43 pm

Posted 4 days ago @ 7:55 pm
So I tried putting this into <folderlist ..
<icon sysicon="play_button" width="32" height="32" />

(play_button just to try)

The Icon tried in this example however is not showing up. Have I done it the right way or am I missing something here?

(I have also tried with a couple of different positions and increased the size)

Posted 4 days ago @ 8:45 pm

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:16 pm
No I didn't try a custom .png, but does it matter if it's custom or sys if I am only testing?

How to link it is what I am trying to figure out

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:24 pm

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:24 pm
Yes but if I am only testing I meant

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:25 pm

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:27 pm
What my xml look like

<folderlist class="browser" resizeX="yes" attachX="both">
<size width="267" height="[HEIGHT]-173"/>
<pos x="-279" y="495"/>
<icon sysicon="play_button" width="332" height="332" />

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:37 pm
And you are not getting a play icon you mean?

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:38 pm
nope I tried removing the background aswell

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:41 pm
What icon are you getting then? or nothing shows at all?
If nothing shows at all perhaps the X Y coordinates are outside of the "canvas"
Or have something overlaying / hiding it

For example. if you have not defined height, the height is less than zero .. aka not visible probably

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:42 pm
Nothing shows. Okay just to make sure. Do I put x and y on the same line or on a new line under with tab if you understand what I mean?

Height is defined

Posted 4 days ago @ 9:45 pm
tried different combinations x=310 y=310 . x/y bigger/smaller.

Nothing works. Cannot get it showing outside the folders area either

Posted 4 days ago @ 10:04 pm
ah, i guess this is your actual code? thought you were just truncating a large code down to showing the icon part.. .

If its actual code, you are trying to add an icon to <folderlist> and that is not a place to add icon.
Its just a section of the browser, the list area to show folders.

To change the actual icon on folder XXX you need to use custom icons as mentioned already.
And if you want to test <icon> you need to place it somewhere where icons can be used, for example in a <button> element .. https://www.virtualdj.com/wiki/Skin%20Button.html

The folder list itself (all the folders) are created programmatically by the software, and shown inside the <folderlist> element automatically..

Creating a custom browser is not so easy, so if all you want to do is changing icons, perhaps just look at custom icons instead.. thats plenty to change the icons :)


Posted 4 days ago @ 10:08 pm
I appreciate your help Rune. I will take a better look at this when the time is right.

Posted 3 days ago @ 9:52 pm