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Topic: Live streaming
I am wanting to do a love stream on Facebook. Do I need copyright licensce or is virtual dj covered this base. I set up a love stream using obs but was shout down quickly due to copyright..

Posted Tue 23 Feb 21 @ 1:04 pm
Its the streaming platforms themselves that manages music rights for content on their platforms.

While you can broadcast on Facebook, chances are you might run into copyright and have parts of the recorded mix be muted. Same with Youtube, but better chances there, seems like YT music rights are much more extensive.

If you play club music, remixes and mix songs... and avoid recent top 40 FM radio stuff, things might be fine ;-) And if out of luck use MixCloud Live, PlayDJ TV, Bandlab, Twitch or Twitter instead.


Posted Tue 23 Feb 21 @ 1:20 pm