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Topic: Funny GPU thing
I reinstalled one of my laptops, that has a nVIDIA gforce in it, installed b6294, and got the "Your GPU doen't support math" error
I checked the drivers, and tried to update but the are the latest ones
I screenshot some more info below

What did I forget to do?


Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 3:10 pm

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 3:25 pm

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 3:53 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
in fact I got this many times simply because of a timeout / fail downloading the big dlls (too slow / bad connection / offline)
I finally made a backup in a way to be able to install them offline

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 4:33 pm