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Topic: Radio broadcasts with VirtualDJ Pro
Is it possible to broadcast to a single Virtual DJ URL for DJs with separate Virtual DJ Pro licenses? This is for non-commercial gigs i.e. no revenue is being generated. Thanks

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 10:16 am
The VirtualDJ URL (eg https://www.virtualdj.com/user/yourusername/broadcast.html) is not an actual server.
It's just an alias that loops back to the computer doing the broadcast.
This means that for each user this alias is different (and for each session as well if your ip gets changed, but you don't need to worry about this)

Therefore two or three users cannot share the same broadcast link.

The only solution would be for those users to broadcast under the same username.
As long as we are talking about 2 or 3 users that might work. But for more users the license sharing security mechanism might kick in.

The best solution IMHO would be to quickly setup an icecast server on one of your PC's (preferably the one with the best internet connection) and use that server to broadcast. You can also use a free no-ip.com (or similar) domain address if you want to keep it free.

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 10:58 am
many thanks for your help, if we were to acquire a business license, would we face a similar change i.e. unique URLs?

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 1:03 pm
You can broadcast to a single url from more than one VirtualDJ Pro (more than one DJ)

But this needs a server (shoutcast or icecast), either setting up one yourself or using one of the many options available (hosted, free and paid for)

There are 1000s of such "web radios" hosting platforms available, here are a few examples:

VirtualDJ works with them all (shoutcast / icecast), and this way you get a permanent url to share to listeners even if there is more than one DJ. Can set up timetable/schedule, chats and more :)

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 1:55 pm