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Topic: Using Pioneer DDJ-RZX with Virtual DJ
Hi, Can you use the Pioneer DDJ-RZX controller with Virtual DJ 2021? Also, for those of you who have used the DDJ-RZX with Virtual DJ, have you ever had any problems with the DDJ-RZX freezing up on you? Or any other problems? Or does it work very well with Virtual DJ? Thanks, Scott

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 4:18 am
1) Yes you can:

2) Personally I never experienced a freeze. However we have one single user case under investigation for freezing (more like a temporary freeze, not a complete lockup)

3) There is only one known issue with RZX and that's due to it's drivers under Windows 10 OS.
It doesn't affect performance, and it's an "one time fix" per each USB port.
Simply put, RZX may not reproduce sound when you connect it on an USB port you never had it connected before.
In order to solve it you need to open Windows sound settings and disable exclusive access on all it's audio interfaces.

4) I have used RZX as my main gig controller for 2 years in a row without any issues on mid-range laptops. So, IMHO everything should be smooth once you take care of the weird drivers bug mentioned above.

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 9:17 am
Thank you PHANTOMDEEJAY, really appreciate all of your helpful info.

Posted Mon 22 Feb 21 @ 11:44 pm