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Topic: Keep Pitch Lock On Song Load
c18ccPRO InfinityMember since 2014
I would like to keep the "Pitch Lock" on throughout the process of loading a new track. I had this question several years ago (v 8.1), and the user SBDJ (thanks!) was able to provide a script that was suitable for the time:

toggle $lockpitch & var $lockpitch ? repeat_start 'lockpitch' 100ms & pitch_lock on : repeat_stop 'lockpitch'

BUT I am not able to turn off the Pitch Lock while the current track is loaded (it will only take effect when a new track is loaded). I'm hoping a simple solution exists now with the various upgrades of VDJ. Is there a way to map a key to cycle between these?:

- Pitch Lock stays on, regardless of track load/unload status
- Pitch Lock off (until key pressed again)

Thanks for your help.

Posted Wed 17 Feb 21 @ 2:35 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
The easiest would be to turn on auto pitch lock

Posted Wed 17 Feb 21 @ 4:51 am
c18ccPRO InfinityMember since 2014
The autoPitchLock feature only engages when the tracks are BPM-matched. This is not useful to me.

Posted Wed 17 Feb 21 @ 5:12 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
How do you use pitch lock on songs that are not beatmatched?

Posted Wed 17 Feb 21 @ 5:55 am
c18ccPRO InfinityMember since 2014
Good question- my specific uses are:

1) Tracks that have tempo transitions built into them (natural shifts or DJ pool files)

2) Tracks that have natural tempo fluctuations. Once a section of the track has been manually beat-matched to the other deck, it's useful to change the "global" tempo (the numeric BPM of both tracks will not be the same)

(I know that I can manually go into the BPM editor for each track and map out the tempo fluctuations, but that's not time-efficient for my workflow at all. I also float between VDJ & Serato, so I like my file structure/tags/info to remain consistent.)

3) Quick-mixing in "drops" - it is not helpful at all to sync tempos, as they can be wildly different between tracks, but it is wonderful to be able to gradually bring up the overall tempo rather than adjusting physically deck-to-deck on CDJs, turntables, etc.

This automatic reset of the the Pitch Lock feature came in around VDJ 8.1. Before that, it would stay on constantly through track load (regardless of other pitch settings), which is how I personally preferred to use it.

Posted Wed 17 Feb 21 @ 6:21 pm
c18ccPRO InfinityMember since 2014
Any advice? Thanks!

Posted Sun 21 Feb 21 @ 5:50 am
I am unsure exactly what you would like to do.

And feel if you create a custom button, with action: beatlock, it may do everything you are asking.

since it can be left on when loading new track, and can be turned off without unloading the track, and will follow the variations of BPM of the other track if it changes, when ON, and the two tracks don't have to be in sync if you don't want them to be for some reason.

and of course you can map controller button with that same action, if it does what you want, for easier access.

Posted Sun 21 Feb 21 @ 7:17 am
The critical question is:
How do you sync tracks if pitch_lock is active all the time ?
I mean you load second track and you need to adjust it to sync with first one. If pitch is locked, any attempt to fix the second track throughs off the first track. The only way to sync the tracks is to disable pitch_lock (and later enable it again) or use sync.
So, I fail to see how having pitch_lock enabled all the time helps your workflow.

IF you sync tracks by using sync button then "AutoPitchLock" should be enough for you on most cases:
It will lock the tracks once they are synced, but not otherwise (allowing for manual pitching)
If the CBG/BPM of one track is off or fluctuating you will have to disable it temporarily to "fix" the pitch, but that's also the case when "plain" pitch_lock is always enabled.

In other words, what we fail to see is a workflow/case that having "pitch_lock" always on is really needed and a better option of "AutoPitchLock"

If there's such a workflow, please share it with us, and if that's truly the case then the team may examine the possibility to change it.

Posted Sun 21 Feb 21 @ 11:00 am
c18ccPRO InfinityMember since 2014
You are all correct. I just tested keeping "auto pitch lock" on and creating a hotkey to turn it OFF when needed. I'm set now. Thanks!

Posted Tue 23 Feb 21 @ 3:06 am