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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Pad editor Wishes and new features
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Pads pages can do much more than what editor allows
i.e.: would be fine to get extra tabs for tooltips and drop scripts

in the opposite pad editor allows things VDJ can't use
would be fine in a way to take advantage of pad_shift color script same way as
"pad_has_color" and "pad_color" for pad color script
to get missing
padshift_has_color and padshift_color
both are missing making the padshift color script unuseful

padshift_has_action may be interesting too because padshift exists
pad_has_pressure as well because padshift_pressure exists

Not directly related but need to be kept in mind :
historical issues (with all scripts editors) never fixed (or where fix attempts failed)
fixing text editor would be a must (extracts in my own preference order :)
- Missing cancel / reload / new pad from current
- controls chars in strings
- mixing cr & lf & cr-lf string ending (making half lines position)
- focus lost after paste or copy
- missing last char od display line out of the input box
- misplaced cursor (most of the time +/- 1/2 char but sometimes anywhere)
- edit area shrinking while script growing (down to zero)
- bad syntax color highlighter
- double click for word selection, triple clink for whole line
- wrong verb completion

Posted Tue 16 Feb 21 @ 7:51 am