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Topic: Dramatic sound dropping during my set and jogwheel weirdo.
Hello to the community.
Since the last update (v8.5-64 b6242) i have a serious problem with the sound i never get before.} and i really don't understand when it come from after one entire day to try to search and find this problem.
For an unknown reason the main sound dropped between 10-12db during my set day before or when i work on VDJ for editing, setting CUE points etc...
You can imagine the crowd reaction, 100 peoples look at you in the same time, and no other option to reboot VDJ and no sound for 10 secondes is an eternity.
I must to precise it NEVER happen before and my computer is pretty clear of virus, is up to date and i don't have any performance issues.
Like i say i can use VDJ for 2hours nothing happen or it can happen after 20mins, 60mins, etc... it's really weird.
the other issue is about the jogwheel, again since the last update the sensitivity is really strange when i nudge for beatmatching, it's really too sensitive but the settings are the same since i set the jog sensitivity.
I've tried to reset by default the jogwheel settings but still the same.
I've tried to use the VDJ default settings but the the sound problem still here like the jogwheel problem.
I've tried to use my backup controller, same troubles.
I've tried to use my backup computer with VDJ 2020..... Everything working fine, no dropping sound or jogwheel problem.
If someone have a fix for that it really welcome.
Regards, Fab.

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 3:39 pm
I roll-back to the b5949 Build. no issues with the sound and the jogwheel.

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 5:24 pm