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Topic: Vdj2021 Crashing at startup
running a brand new hp desktop 8gb memory 1 tb hard drive win 10 64 bit wiith ryzen 3
program will load then after a click or 2 with the mouse and the screen turns white.
windows msg says program not responding somebody help

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 12:07 am
First of all try update all drivers, and Windows.
If its brand new it might already have outdated drivers, with issues since fixed.

After that, if still having an issue, open VDJ settings, and try set mathEngine to disabled. just to rule that out as a test

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 12:54 am
once i click anthing in the program it freezes up screen goes white then i have to close it out
computer was already updated everything is up to date

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 1:02 am
can try rename settings.xml in /documents/virtualdj/ to rule out bad skin or settings.

And also try reinstall the software.
But sounds a bit like a graphic card issue perhaps. Did update that?

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 1:10 am
Everything updated and still the same thing i downloaded a version from the site and still the same thing.
i switched computers with a working version and it started to do the same thing

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 6:04 am
You switched computers?

If its happening on two computers, is there a common denominator, such as a user made skin that is perhaps not working well? Or some external hardware connected that you used on both?

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 9:48 am
My computer did an update before that everything worked perfectly Not sure what happened but on both machines same thing happens I’m not sure what to don’t wanna switch to Serato at all

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 3:16 pm
I have similar problem on my laptop: while using some function as poi editor or video fx settings, on closing the window the VDJ becomes "not responding" ontask manager, with the only option to hard reboot or set to sleep and resume (this unfreezes VDJ). It happens only vith 32 bits version.
I solved the issue by disabling the integrated Intel UHD Graphics and only using the NVIDIA adapter. Hope this can help some one else.

Posted Fri 15 Jan 21 @ 7:35 pm
Problem solved: The drivers for my Behringer interface a umc404hd were the cause of virtual dj freezing. once unistalled the freezing stopped. now using
a focusrite interface which requires no drivers

Posted 7 days ago @ 4:40 pm