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Topic: Pioneer DDJ XP2
Has anybody been here before me??
Searched and cannot find anything on this unit
Really need your help.

First, I don't know how to script RGB Hotcue's LED's to behave like ..
Dim 50% then 100% 'when pressed'


When I hit shift + pad mode 5-8
the RGB's do not change to reflect
the new pad mode.
Color's stay the same as pad modes 1-4

Thanks in advance

Posted Wed 13 Jan 21 @ 11:20 pm

It works as expected here.

Please note that you should not alter the mapper for the pads.
You should modify the pad pages (use pad editor) instead.
Also keep in mind that XP2 does not have "true" RGB leds. It uses a color table that provide different intensity levels of predefined colors. This means that the colors it can show are somehow limited, and that there's a chance you get "two different colors" to look like it's the same (if their intensity level is too close)

PS: Most of the SHIFT+ pad modes for XP2 are split in half. Upper section changes, but lower section remains mapped to Hotcues. Perhaps that's what you describe as "pads don't change colors" ???

Posted Thu 14 Jan 21 @ 9:08 am
dutchyPRO InfinityMember since 2020
Hi, I have exactly the same issue. I created some new pages to rearrange FX according to my needs. Everything works fine; except for the colors. The page is reflected in VDJ as it should be, including the functions, colors etc. When I push the pads on the XP2, the functions are activated as expected. However, the pad color within VDJ did not transfer to the XP2.
This is only for PAD MODE 5-8, what I call the SHIFT MODUS. For PAD MODE 1-4 everything works like a charm.

I thought it might be related to the pages I newly created. But, I removed these, got the originals back and the same issue is still there.

Here's an example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<page name="HC+CTRL">
<pad1 name="`var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_display 9 : cue_display 1`" color="var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_color 9 : cue_color 1" autodim="false">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? hot_cue 9 : hot_cue 1</pad1>
<pad2 name="`var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_display 10 : cue_display 2`" color="var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_color 10 : cue_color 2" autodim="false">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? hot_cue 10 : hot_cue 2</pad2>
<pad3 name="`var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_display 11 : cue_display 3`" color="var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_color 11 : cue_color 3" autodim="false">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? hot_cue 11 : hot_cue 3</pad3>
<pad4 name="`var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_display 12 : cue_display 4`" color="var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_color 12 : cue_color 4" autodim="false">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? hot_cue 12 : hot_cue 4</pad4>
<pad5 name="`var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_display 13 : cue_display 5`" color="var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_color 13 : cue_color 5" autodim="false">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? hot_cue 13 : hot_cue 5</pad5>
<pad6 name="`var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_display 14 : cue_display 6`" color="var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_color 14 : cue_color 6" autodim="false">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? hot_cue 14 : hot_cue 6</pad6>
<pad7 name="`var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_display 15 : cue_display 7`" color="var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_color 15 : cue_color 7" autodim="false">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? hot_cue 15 : hot_cue 7</pad7>
<pad8 name="`var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_display 16 : cue_display 8`" color="var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? cue_color 16 : cue_color 8" autodim="false">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? hot_cue 16 : hot_cue 8</pad8>
<shift_pad1 name="DELETE">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? delete_cue 9 : delete_cue 1</shift_pad1>
<shift_pad2 name="DELETE">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? delete_cue 10 : delete_cue 2</shift_pad2>
<shift_pad3 name="DELETE">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? delete_cue 11 : delete_cue 3</shift_pad3>
<shift_pad4 name="DELETE">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? delete_cue 12 : delete_cue 4</shift_pad4>
<shift_pad5 name="DELETE">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? delete_cue 13 : delete_cue 5</shift_pad5>
<shift_pad6 name="DELETE">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? delete_cue 14 : delete_cue 6</shift_pad6>
<shift_pad7 name="DELETE">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? delete_cue 15 : delete_cue 7</shift_pad7>
<shift_pad8 name="DELETE">var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? delete_cue 16 : delete_cue 8</shift_pad8>
<pad9 color="color &apos;orange&apos;" name="CUE">pioneer_cue</pad9>
<pad10 color="color &apos;yellow&apos;" name="NO JUMP">custom_button 1</pad10>
<pad11 color="color &apos;green&apos;" name="ECHO 2">padfx &quot;echo&quot; 0.4 0.8</pad11>
<pad12 name="SANDBOX" color="color &apos;magenta&apos;">sandbox</pad12>
<pad13 name="PLAY" color="color &apos;green&apos;">pioneer_play</pad13>
<pad14 name="STEMS" color="color &apos;red&apos;">custom_button 2</pad14>
<pad16 name="REC" color="color &apos;blue&apos;">record</pad16>
<param1 name="`var &apos;hc_page&apos; ? get_text &quot;PADS 9-16&quot; : get_text &quot;PADS 1-8&quot;`">param_bigger 0 ? off &amp; set &apos;hc_page&apos; 1 : off &amp; set &apos;hc_page&apos; 0</param1>
<param2 name="CUE `get_cue`">goto_cue</param2>
<menu>Edit CUEs and POIs... =[edit_poi]
Read-only (Lock) +[lock_cues]
Smart Cue +[smart_cue]
Quantize on Set +[quantize_setcue]
Display mode &gt;&gt; Cue number +[cue_display &apos;number&apos;]
Display mode &gt;&gt; Name +[cue_display &apos;name&apos;]
Display mode &gt;&gt; Time Pos +[cue_display &apos;position&apos;]
Display mode &gt;&gt; Time left +[cue_display &apos;distance&apos;]
Display mode &gt;&gt; Beats left +[cue_display &apos;beat&apos;]</menu>


When I map the new page to PAD MODE 1, the colors transfer correctly.
When I map the same page to PAD MODE 5, the colors of PAD MODE 1 remain, but functions work perfectly.

Now, wouldn't mind 'cause the functions work, but it's confusing...

Don't have a clue how to solve this

Posted 3 days ago @ 11:03 pm
How do you assign your pages on XP2 ?
Via GUI ? Or by changing the mapper ?

Posted 3 days ago @ 9:47 am
dutchyPRO InfinityMember since 2020
Via the GUI
The page really changes; functions are available.
But, the color scheme isn't transferred.

Posted 2 days ago @ 10:52 am
Ok, we were able to identify the issue and will be fixed on next version.
Thank you!

Posted yesterday @ 9:57 pm