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Topic: New Rane DJ One
I just ordered it do we have a timeline of compatibility?

Posted Tue 12 Jan 21 @ 3:00 pm
You're kidding, right? It's ony just hit the Rane site https://www.rane.com/one

If anyone's interested, Mojaxx has just mentioned that he will be streaming on Twitch with it later today.

Posted Tue 12 Jan 21 @ 3:06 pm
Mojaxx said they listed it early. It wasn't supposed to be revealed until about 10 mins ago.

It's been out 10 minutes and you're asking about support?!

Posted Tue 12 Jan 21 @ 3:10 pm
djjohnnyflo wrote :
I just ordered it do we have a timeline of compatibility?

As usual Atomix don't release dates for updates or controller mapping. Unless Atomix are getting direct support from In-Music and a review unit quickly it won't be any time soon. The SC5000/M took absolutely ages.

It's not "available" it's a pre order.

You'll be lucky to even get a unit. In-Music supply chain isn't in a great place just now with months of delays on some controllers. It's their usual trick revealing something to get interest then making people wait months and months to get it.

Posted Tue 12 Jan 21 @ 3:58 pm
I'll just use mine with Serato until it's compatible with VDJ.

Posted Fri 15 Jan 21 @ 4:06 am