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Topic: Possible Scratchbank enhancements
I guess it's mostly supposed to be used to load samples on the none-master deck, and then used in "real " crossfader based scratching

But it actually also works great on the playing deck if you set cue points on the samples, so that you can load and play them in time, and then start scratching in time

The problem then becomes getting out of them in time. Right now it will simply be at the time you loaded the scratch sample

So could we maybe get 4-5 small enhancements?
- A slip mode option so that the hidden playing track continues in the back ground, and when you unload the scratch sample, it kicks back in where it would have been
- An option so that the hidden track continues in the back ground even if you cause a stop by letting the sample play to the end
- An option to switch to vinyl mode when scratch bank sample is loaded (if not already in vinyl mode), and switch back when it's unloaded (if it was originally not in vinyl mode)
- An option so that for instance pad 8 becomes an unload scratch sample (so you don't have to mess with shift to go back). This can of course be remapped by the user
- An option so that when you unload the scratch sample, the hidden playing tracks starts from latest activated cue point. This can probably also be remapped by the user

Also there seems to be maybe a small issue with priority
If I use the same scratchbank load sample button over and over again to trigger the same hot cue on the already loaded sample, it seems like it waits for the jog wheel to stop moving instead of the hotcue overruling everything like with normal none-scratchbank vinyl mode

Posted Sat 02 Jan 21 @ 10:18 am
I basically asked if all this could be done a few days and got no response over in the general forum..... I’m sure you saw that post tho lol!

Eitherway let’s hope these changes can be made.

Posted Sat 02 Jan 21 @ 12:24 pm
I did a video on it where I suggest a few of them too :)

Posted Sat 02 Jan 21 @ 2:48 pm