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Topic: laserworld el 900 rgb
Just a very generous gift voucher from the family and i was thinkinig of investing in an el 900rgb, wondering if anyone was or has used one of these and give their opinion,, thanks in advance

Posted Sun 27 Dec 20 @ 4:57 pm
Its worth the money. I didn't see the dmx code . If you had 3 it would be crazy on a stage . I have a suggestion before you use it. I put a piece of tape on the wall about 10 ft up so that when i set stuff with lasers up it never flashes below that . Also in some country's you require a license to use a laser and training too.. That being said . If you are going to control it with a laptop via dmx i can walk you through it . The software is free but the usb to dmx range in price. Since the laser has so many colors and programs I suggest taking time to set it up as it will blow peoples minds. Hazer fluid or fogger with fan with long stay fluid ( 45 min to 1.2 hour ) makes a huge difference in the appearance . Pm me if you are stuck .

Posted Thu 07 Jan 21 @ 1:53 am
still waiting for delivery because of xmas holidays thanks for the reply , looking forward to it arriving hopefully tomorrow, take care and all the best for new year

Posted Sun 10 Jan 21 @ 12:47 pm
when you get it keep the manual , it will help if you are going to set up a profile in a lighting software,.

Posted Mon 11 Jan 21 @ 2:24 am